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The Stargate franchise is perhaps the sleeper hit of scifi TV with Unlike The X-Files which was an instant phenomenon or Star Trek which has always been there, Stargate launched with a relatively low budget movie that met with middling success but appeared set to end there with coupon codes. It didn’t end though and has spawned numerous spin-offs with Nectar Sleep Mattress Coupons.

Stargate Movie

It all started in 1994 with the movie Stargate. Starring Kurt Russell and James Spader,…

The new series of Doctor Who has brought many new fans to the fold. But what about classic Doctor Who. Produced on a much smaller budget and without the benefit of modern special effects, classic Doctor Who can be quite a culture shock for new viewers. But if you can look beyond the production values to the plot themselves there is a lot to enjoy.

The following 15 Doctor Who stories…

Recently I finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, a mainstream novel with a decidedly science fictional premise. First and foremost this book is a romance, but the relationship between the two protagonists Henry and Clare is complicated by the fact that Henry suffers from a genetic condition that causes him to slip back in time at random, unexpected moments.

Books that might have an appeal to readers outside…Testclear Coupon Code

July has been a great month for online science fiction. And things have been increasing their pace in the last week…

    The Nebula Award

  • In the beginning of the month the Nebula Awards website was launched to be an online repository for information pertaining to the Nebulas, Andre Norton Award, Grand Master and Author Emeritus Awards.
  • Russell Davis, president of SFWA, made several announcements in the SFWA Live Journal forum, among them was news about an…Vapor DNA Coupon

Solar Flare Welcomes New Contributor N.E. Lilly

I am very pleased to welcome on board N.E. Lilly as a regular contributor to Solar Flare and Retailmenot. He will be providing us with regular news coverage on video games and the internet as it relates to science fiction. In addition you may see a few individual reviews cropping up Coupons.

N.E. Lilly is the editor of One of the things I love about science fiction is the breadth of material that…

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