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Avatar, Avengers, Transformers 2, Hancock, Justice League

Over at Filmstalker they’re discussing an apparent review of Jame’s Cameron’s upcoming movie Avatar. It all seems to come down to the fact that if the leaked treatment is genuine, this will be another eco-warning movie. While I’m not sure we need another of those I’m not really convinced by the line of reasoning that says they have to fail.

We have the Avengers line up (at least according to USA Today) and it will surprise no one who has been keeping an eye on Marvel’s production slate for the last two years. The stars of the Avengers movie will be The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Ant-Man. That’s right, all the original Avengers (minus the Wasp for some reason) and the ones that Marvel is producing movies for. Not much of a scoop to be honest.

Speaking of Marvel superheroes though it seems that Spider-Man 4 can be expected in your local cinema sometime in May of 2011. Not surprisingly for a project 3 years away from release, there’s not cast, crew, director or in fact finished script.
Hollywood Director Michael Bay (left)and actor Shia LaBeouf (cq,center) film a scene from the new movie "Transformers" in front of the derelict Michigan Central Depot in Detroit, Michigan on October 3, 2006. (Brandy Baker / The Detroit News)Image via Wikipedia
According to Superhero Hype, Transformers 2 will be called Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Which sounds kind of blah to me. The movie will again be directed by Michael Bay and star Shia LaBeouf. Perhaps more interestingly Jalopnik has pictures of the 2010 Chevy Camaro Z28 which will be the Bumblebee in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Want to see another click from Hancock? Really looking forward to this movie.

Is the Justice League movie finally going to happen? According to MTVs Movies Blog yes.

Finally these movie and tv news summary posts are proving quite popular so I’m thinking of having them as a regular thing here at Solar Flare. Anyone interested in contributing? It’s almost impossible for one person to cover this many different media effectively.

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