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Doctor Who Episode Guide - The Ninth Doctor

Table of contents for doctor who episode guide ninth doctor

  1. Doctor Who Episode Guide - The Ninth Doctor
  2. Doctor Who Episode Guide - Rose
  3. Doctor Who Episode Guide - The End of the World
  4. Doctor Who Episode Guide - The Unquiet Dead
  5. Doctor Who Episode Guide - Aliens of London
  6. Doctor Who Episode Guide - World War Three
  7. Doctor Who Episode Guide - Dalek
  8. Doctor Who Episode Guide - The Long Game
  9. Doctor Who Episode Guide - Fathers Day
  10. Doctor…

Flash Gordon, A History

Flash Gordon was created in 1934 by Alex Raymond for a newspaper comic strip. Flash is a fair-haired spaceman who, along with his girlfriend Dale Arden, has adventures on the planet Mongo and elsewhere.

Alex Raymond was a $15-a-week King Features Syndicate staff artist when he created Flash Gordon. Raymond also created Secret Agent X-9, Jungle Jim, Rip Kirby, and a police strip scripted by Dashiell Hammett. Flash Gordon was introduced…

Golden Age Science Fiction Doesn’t Suck

But It Hasn’t Aged Well

Okay you’re going to have to stick with me as I set this one up. I was reading a post by John at SFSignal essentially defending Golden Age science fiction. His defense was in response to some comments by Jacob McMurray in which he is critical of much Golden Age science fiction. While I don’t disagree with anything John said in his defense of Golden Age…

Panels Without Borders: Five

I feel that the current version of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES is an odd book. I have trouble putting my finger on to it as exactly why that is the case and even though I have recently finished issue number five I am still debating with myself as to whether I enjoyed it or not.

I don�t think that it is because the direction the new artistic team are going in is…

Battlestar Galactica Premier Thoughts

Well I got round to watching the US premier of Sci Fi Channel’s new Battlestar Galactica series and color me impressed. I had enjoyed the original mini-series when it played, but wasn’t sure how that would translate into a regular series format.

Turns out that it translates remarkably well. The Battlestar Galactica series maintains the same sense of gritty warlike realism that the mini-series has and is clearly trying to stay…

The Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells

One of the reasons I’m so fond of the Fantasy genre is range that it can cover. Take The Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells where we are presented with a fantastical Victorian England complete with Sherlock Holmes.

The Death of the Necromancer

Well not literally. This is Ile-Rien, not England, and there’s no Sherlock Holmes, rather there’s Ronsarde a man who clearly has many of Holmes gifts. But Ronsarde is…

The Definition of Science Fiction

Its and old, but popular question. Just what exactly is Science Fiction? Perhaps the reason its so popular is that no two people ever seem to answer it the same way. Theodore Sturgeon gave the pretty workable definition that:

A science fiction story is a story built around human beings, with a human problem and a human solution, which would not have happened at all without its scientific content.

Assuming we don’t get…

Who Should Show The New Doctor Who Series?

First of lets get one thing very clear. Doctor Who is thesci-fi series. I can enjoy a good Star Trek. I loved Babylon 5. But Doctor Who is the series. Its the one I grew up with. Its at the heart of my love for the genre. You can make all the snide comments you want about wobbly sets, Doctor Who at its best is better than any other SF…

Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy

Its an old, old argument. There is a segment of fandom that firmly believes science fiction is superior to fantasy. Not just that they prefer it, which they clearly do, but that it is in fact superior. It takes “real” science and uses it to attempt to predict future trends and behaviors. Or something like that.

These people are of course referring to hard science fiction. At least I assume they are…

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher Review

One of the great things about Fantasy is that its not so much a genre as a meta-genre. You can write other genres within the fantasy genre. Fool Moon by Jim Butcher is a good example of that.

This is the second book in The Dresden Files. A series which currently stands at six books, with a seventh on the way. The protagonist of this book (and the series) is Harry…

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