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Avengers: The Initiative #15
Writers: Dan Slott & Christos N. Gage
Artist: Harvey Tolibao
Publisher: Marvel

The Secret Invasion tie ins just keep coming. I liked this one though. Slott had shown us there was a Skrull in the Initiative months ago and finally we get to see what he’s up to. Skrulls have often been portrayed in a rather one dimensional manner so its nice to see a bit of depth to their personalities this time. I’m a little disappointed by how they resolved the cliffhanger from the previous issue though. 3-D Man just flies off only to crash. Perhaps they’ll pick up on that again next issue.

Justice Society of America Annual #1
Writers: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jerry Ordway
Publisher: DC

John indulges his obviously love of Silver Age DC comics with this visit to Earth-2. Fortunately the story doesn’t require much in the way of prior knowledge. Power Girl finds herself on Earth-2 and her old friends are pleased to see her. Until a second Power Girl arrives. It’s an interesting look at different versions of familiar characters. The problem is that so far everything we see here has been done before. There isn’t even really much of a spin on things so far. To make matters worse it’s not a stand alone story so we’re left waiting for the next issue of Justice Society for some sort of resolution.

Ms. Marvel #29
Writers: Brian Reed
Artist: Adriana Melo
Publisher: Marvel

Yup, more Secret Invasion. Mainly this one is just a big old battle. There’s no shortage of Skrulls in this story, but somehow the scale of the battle isn’t coming through. A criticism I could make of most of the spin-offs I suppose. It also seems like Ms. Marvel is having a little too easy a time killing Skrulls. Granted there are a lot of them, but if they’re all that weak how are we really supposed to believe they can conquer the entire planet?

Trinity #9
Writers: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Mark Bagley
Publisher: DC

Less musing on the nature of the Trinity this week which is good because it was being overplayed. Batman doesn’t get tagged… because he’s the Batman. Slightly annoying if they’re trying to put all three heroes on an equal footing. I’m enjoying the interweaving of different story elements though, even if this clearly is a Justice League story not just a Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman story.

Thor #10
Writers: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Oliver Coipel
Publisher: Marvel

JMS has done a great job in re-inventing Thor without dismissing what has gone before. There is certainly more of an air of grandeur than has been present in a long time. The slow pace is wearing rather though. And while it’s nice to have Loki back and up to his/her old tricks, it’s very hard to think that anyone would believe here. Every other aspect of this storyline has moved very slowly but in a matter of two issues Balder is completely won over just because Loki has told the truth about one thing.

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