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  • Fanlib closes today. Firefox News assess the situation in an article, On the Demise of Fanlib, and Why Fan-run Sites Are More Likely to Succeed
  • Genreville is a brand new blog run by Rose Fox, editor of Publishers Weekly’s SF/fantasy/horror and mass market reviews. The introductory post contains an interview with Ellen Datlow (previously of Omni, Omni Online, Event Horizon, and SCIFICTION – more recently, The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction)
  • Whedon to Make 13 Dollhouse Webisodes! The link says it all.
  • Hivemind is a new social networking site for science fiction and fantasy fans by SFcrowsnest (in early Beta).
  • Alison Eldred, Artists’ Agent who represents artists Jim Burns, Nigel Chamberlain, Gordon Crabb, Fred Gambino, and John Harris, recently re-launched her site. The site now contains new portfolios, original artwork and fine art prints for sale, all in an updated interface.
  • Gleemax is Dead. What was intended to be a social networking site for gamers is now closing its virtual doors in September 2008. Wizards of the Coast, owner of the popular Dungeons & Dragons brand, has announced that the site will be shut down so that they may focus on their other digital products: D&D Insider and Magic: The Gathering Online.
  • Sites of the week: The Terminator Files (AMC’s SciFi Scanner); Paleofuture (SciFi Weekly); Black Gate (Nuketown)

If you have science fiction website/Internet news to share (website launches, updates, and redesigns), submit to: N.E. Lilly via

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N.E. Lilly is the editor of When he isn't reading submissions or indulging his love of the Space Western sub-genre, he's developing websites for Science Fiction professionals and organizations through GreenTentacles..

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