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Orson Scott Card Reads From Ender in Exile

Tarun Durga tells me that over at Idea Jugglers there is an exclusive podcast of Orson Scott Card reading an excerpt from his upcoming novel Ender in Exile.
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Ender in Exile is the latest book in Scott Card’s critically acclaimed and hugely popular Ender series. The new book has a release date of November 11th 2008 and not much is known about the plot. It is set 400 years after Ender’s Game and some 2600 years before Speaker for the Dead. Ender will visit a planet founded by Randall Firth (the son of Bean and Petra).

I’m a big fan of Scott Card’s work and while I am a little concerned that the Ender saga may be becoming strip minded, I’m still very curious what he will come up with next. I’ve downloaded the podcast and will be listening to it with great interest on my commute home today.

Idea Jugglers incidentally is a fascinating site that aims to marry stories and music into a single podcast. Well worth a listen.

Link: Orson Scott Card reads from Ender in Exile

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