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Spacewar! is credited as the first widely available and influential computer game.

There are a lot of games out there. Gaming genres are based on game-play mechanics: First Person Shooter (FPS), Role-playing Game (RPG), Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), etc. Yet in addition to this there are the standard traditional literary genres also found within games. You can find Massive Multiplayer Online Fantasy games, First Person Shooter Detective games, and many other variations. This column is intended for science fiction fans who like video games of all sorts.

Upcoming games? Videogames meta-discussion? News about the intersection of videogames and science fiction? If you have science fiction videogame news to share, submit it to: N.E. Lilly via

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N.E. Lilly is the editor of When he isn't reading submissions or indulging his love of the Space Western sub-genre, he's developing websites for Science Fiction professionals and organizations through GreenTentacles..

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