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The opening action sequence with Ronan’s capture was fine, but the chummy dialogue which preceded it just sounded fake to my ears. Atlantis always seems to have trouble with these “downtime” scenes. It’s a problem I didn’t notice in SG-1 and it may be because the Atlantis world is relatively undeveloped whereas SG-1 was firmly grounded in present day earth.

I’m definitely liking the addition of Woolsey to Atlantis. There’s no problems with chummy dialogue there. Constant squabbling is annoying but so is everyone just being happy together too. We’re seeing some depth to the character too as he tries to show a softer more understanding side.

One of the things that Atlantis has always been very strong at is its internal continuity. This episode is packed with it. In fact it references previous seasons so much I wonder if a new viewer might struggle a little. Still it is nice to be rewarded for regular viewing.

Interesting use of the drug metaphor here with someone being so confused by their addiction that they actually think they are saving Ronan by giving him to the Wraith. The addiction elements did become a little overplayed by the middle of the episode though.

I sometimes wonder about the Pegasus galaxy. It seems as though rumors travel from planet to planet like they were just going 2 miles down the road. Just how active is the Stargate system there?

I also thought that Teyla’s indecision about rejoining the away team was overplayed. It’s a very real concern obviously given her new status. It’s just not that interesting since we know what the answer is bound to be.

Really liked the Eureka musical advert Sci Fi showed by the way.

I was thinking that as often as the Atlantis team have infiltrated Wraith Hives and bases you’d really think they’d learn to beef up security, and what do you know they had. Of course then I thought about the number of times that they’ve been captured by the Wraith and escaped.

All around a fun, but unexceptional episode of Atlantis. I was expecting that final sacrifice. But for all my nit picking there was plenty of action and Ronan’s suffering at the end gave the whole thing a little bit of bite.

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  1. I generally liked the episode. On the one hand, what bugged me about Teyla’s storyline is that you don’t often see a new father struggling with whether to continue on in “kick the enemy’s bee-hind” kind of role. If anything, fatherhood generally ramps up a male character’s need to protect *everyone* and he’s rewarded for that. In that light, it’s good to see Teyla being told by Shepperd that coming back to work would be a good thing for the universe, and so ultimately good for her son. I like the idea that Kenan is acknowledging that what Teyla does in her job is just as important as being a mother.

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