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Ultimate X-Men #97
Writer: Aron E. Coilete
Artist: Mark Brooks
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well it’s not Brooks fault. The art isn’t exceptional but it’s certainly serviceable. The plot and scripting though is just plain terrible. It’s barely coherent with no flow at all. Any sort of recognisable characterization is thrown out the window. As is logic, since there’s no way the team could come back from this in the space of a few pages.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Maybe the worst X-Men story I’ve read in 5 years.

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament #1
Writer: Brad Meltzer
Artist: Adam Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics

What was the point of this book? It didn’t mesh very well with events in Final Crisis. It certainly didn’t move things on at all. It really didn’t give me any additional insight. And really it doesn’t tell much of a stand alone story either. It just seems totally pointless. Which is a shame because there have been some really good spin offs from Final Crisis. It just seems like a shocking waste of top tier talent.

New Avengers #44
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Billy Tan
Publisher: Marvel Comics

New Avengers has been doing a great job filling out the background and human elements of Secret Invasion. This issue we finally get an explanation on how the Skrulls were able to hide themselves from detection in the run up to the invasion. We don’t actually find out what it is, but the fact that it’s based off an idea by Reed Richards gives it all the in-story credibility it needs.

I’m pretty sure that there are going to be people complaining that this is something that should have been in the main mini-series. They’re wrong though. Secret Invasion is a big screen action blockbuster. This stuff would have just slowed it down. People who just want the explosions will be happy with the mini-series as is. Those of you who need the explanations can pick and choose from the tie-ins.

The Immortal Iron Fist #18
Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artist: Travel Foreman, Russ Heath
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This is the second issue for the new Iron Fist team and the transition has been remarkably seamless. Once you start looking there are some differences in tone and style but nothing that jars you out of the story that’s being told. And that story fits in quite well with the previously established themes of the book, playing on the history of the Iron Fists.

Obviously I’m assuming that Danny Rand isn’t about to die. For a start there hasn’t been a replacement character groomed to take over the role. This story then has a certain inevitability about it. But the characters make it work. Not just Daniel Rand, but also his friends and their reaction to the situation.

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