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Oh Boy!

Well my wife and I went to the doctor’s today for the first sonogram. She’s pregnant again, although up to now we’d not been telling anyone. Its week 5 and things have been going better this time, so we were hopeful, but after the last time it just seemed easier not to say anything for a while.

Anyway week 5 is very early of course so we weren’t able to see…

Set The Fiction Free

So I’m thinking.. no really I can do that, its difficult but if I concentrate and squint just so…

I’m back on the topic of ebooks again or electronic publishing in general. I think its fair to say that ebook publication is generally seen as inferior to “real” paper publishing. Most authors focus their efforts heavily on getting a real book out on the shelves.

Obvious reasons for doing this include the…

Hell In A Cell

Peter David’s latest blog entry An Interesting Thought is sure to generate a lot of comments. Unfortunately the vast majority of them are exactly what you’d expect from any online political debate. Which is to say, boring, predictable and inflamatory all at the same time. That applies equally to both sides of the debate.

All of which misses the more interesting punchline of PAD’s post.

Bush and Saddam sharing a cell…

The Trade Paperback List

Its funny how different interests intersect. I was browsing the Tivo Community Forum when I happened on a thread about Astonishing X-Men.

One of the posters in that thread mentioned that he runs a website which lists all the trade paperbacks available for various series. Intrigued, I took a look at The Trade Paperback List. While not exactly the most stunning site to look at, it turns out it is a…


Over at Lying In The Gutters Rich Johnston brings to my attention the sudden absence of Millarworld from the web.

It turns out that Mark Millar forgot to renew the domain name. Don’t laugh too loud guys, I’ve come very close to doing that myself.

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