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Solar Flares

I guess its not surprising given the name of this site, but I get a lot of visitors looking for information on solar flares. Unfortunately, up to this point, although I do cover the odd science bit, I haven’t really posted anything about solar flares. So lets rectify that.

What are Solar Flares?

The definition of a flare is:

“A sudden, rapid, and intense variation in brightness.”

A solar flare occcurs when the magnetic…


I spend a lot of time wandering round the web looking for things that interest me. Of particular interest to me is intelligent conversation (something of a rarity online). So I’m particularly pleased with my latest find.

Authoretica is a site focussed on speculative fiction writing. Whether you’re interested in reading or writing SF, this is a great place to visit.

Its got author interviews, novel excerpts, works in progress, poetry, short…

I Hate Online Gaming

A recent entry over at Joystiq on the subject of Nintendo’s apparently lack of interest in online gaming got me thinking. There’s some interesting information in the comments following that blog entry. Plenty to chew on about how popular online gaming really is and why that might be the case.

Which got me to thinking that I just don’t get the online gaming craze. Maybe its old age. Maybe its just me…

Lightsaber Remote

Custom Phones has the essential present for the Star Wars geek in your life. The Lightsaber Remote!

Modeled on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, its a universal remote that has a huge library of codes in it. More importantly when you press a button you get the lightsaber sound and a light.

Okay, I question whether the shape of this remote is actually very convenient as a remote. Plus it costs $75 which is…

Black Friday Fun

Well we took it pretty easy this year for Black Friday. We got up just before 6am, drove a few minutes down the road and popped into Staples. I love Black Friday shopping at Staples, they always have the sort of deals I’m looking for and without the crowds you’ll get at Wal-mart or Best Buy.

We picked up a free surge-protector power strip, 2 packs of 40 DVD+R disks (should…

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