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Theft vs. Creativity

There’s an interesting discussion going on at Peter Davids blog about Michael Moore’s use of the title “Fahrenheit 9/11″ for his latest film and Ray Bradbury allegedly being unhappy with it.

Now this intrigues me not so much because I care whether Ray Bradbury likes Michael Moore’s politics or not (I really don’t) but because of the issue it raises about when its acceptable to incorporate another person’s work into your…

Smackdown vs. Raw

Here’s an interesting interview about the latest PS2 Smackdown game at IGN.

I’m a big fan of the PS wrestling games. There’s been a steady improvement in the games through the last several versions so I’m eager to see what the latest one will offer. THQ is keeping tight lipped on most of the details, but it seems that at the very least we can expected a further improvement to the…

Beyond Words

She lost the baby.

Its not entirely a surprise, there have been warning signs for the last week, but we were hoping it would all work out. The results had seemed to be getting better, until yesterday. My wife phoned me yesterday afternoon to let me know that she’d got the latest test results. Her HCG levels had dropped.

At that point there’s really not anything anyone can do. She’s losing…

Book It Yourself

So my latest computer game addiction just happens to also feed my wrestling addiction at the same time. Two hits for the price of one, how about that?

Total Extreme Warfare is not (as one might at first think) a war game, but a wrestling sim. This remarkably detailed game allows you to play as the booker (and in some cases owner) of a wrestling company. It simulates all aspects of…

Here we go again

Well once again I’ve wiped out my database, re-uploaded the code and I’m feeling like typing a few things. We’ll see how long it lasts this time round.

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